Council Senior Staff


Russ Pigg

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for the day to day management and the efficient and effective operation of the organisation, including implementing Council strategies, policy decisions and assisting the Council with the development and implementation of the Community Strategic Plan.


Carmel Krogh

Director - Shoalhaven Water Group

The Shoalhaven Water Group is responsible for all aspects of water and sewerage services in the City area including planning, design, construction and operations.


Phil Costello

Director – Planning, Environment & Development Services Group

The Planning, Environment & Development Services are responsible for Strategic Planning, Building, Development, Subdivisions, Environmental Services and Ranger Services.


Stephen Dunshea

Director - Finance, Corporate & Community Services

The Finance, Corporate & Community Services Services provide corporate support to the organisation and an extensive range of customer service, community, recreation, tourism, cultural and planning services.


Paul Keech

Director - Assets & Works Group

The Assets and Works Group role is to manage Council's assets by planning, arranging construction and determining their maintenance requirements. In addition, the functions of Emergency Management are with the Assets & Works Group.