Fees Expenses & Facilities

Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 Section 217 Clause 1 (a1)

The following Councillor fees were expended during the year 2017/2018:

  • Mayoral Fees -$42,328
  • Councillor Fees - $251,030

The total costs associated with Council expenses and facilities including travel, allowances, expenses, computers, communication and other associated costs for Council and Committee meetings amounts to $691,312.



(i) Provision of facilities including dedicated office equipment allocated to Councillors


(ii) Cost of phone calls by Councillors


(iii) Councillor attendances at conferences and seminars


(iv) Training and skill development

$ 2,800

(v) Interstate travelling expenses

$ 6,966

(vi) Overseas expenses

$ Nil

(vii) Spouse/partner accompanying person expenses

$ Nil

(viii) Carer expenses

$ Nil

(ix) Committee sitting fees

$ Nil

Council at its meeting on 28 June 2011 (Min 11.674) resolved to disclose the following additional information to that prescribed in the Local Government (General) Regulation in the Annual report:



Legal costs

$ Nil

Subsistence and out of pocket expenses


Travelling expenses


Mayoral vehicle

$ Nil

Printing and stationary/office expenses


Other expenses


Council & committee meetings, briefings, meals & sustenance


Secretarial support