Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, Joint Ventures, Syndicates or Other Bodies in Which the Council Participated During the Year

Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 – Section 217 Clause 1 (a8)

Water Services

During 2017/18 Shoalhaven City Council participated as a member of the NSW Water Directorate, member of the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), and as a corporate member of the Australian Water Association (AWA) and Water Aid Australia.

Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation

The Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation (ISJO) is a partnership between Wollongong City Council, Shellharbour City Council, Kiama Municipal Council and Shoalhaven City Council. ISJO provides a framework for member councils to work together in collaboration with the NSW Government to deliver services for the communities of the Illawarra Shoalhaven. 

Local Government Internal Auditors Network (LGIAN) – Involves Internal Auditors from various Councils in NSW as well as other professional bodies.

Local Heritage Assistance Fund

Council’s Heritage Advisory Service and Heritage Strategy are collaborative partnerships with the NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage to promote cultural heritage in the Shoalhaven. The Heritage Strategy is prepared on a triennial basis and milestones are submitted to the NSW Government through its annual report.

With the assistance of NSW Government funds, a part-time Heritage Advisor is employed by Council to provide free heritage advice.  

Council also runs the Shoalhaven Local Heritage Assistance Fund to assist owners of heritage listed properties and community groups with basic repairs, conservation works and small education/interpretation projects.

NSW Health

Shoalhaven City Council Environmental Health Officers are part of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District and Local Government Liaison Group.

Under the Public Health Act mandatory reporting of notices issued by Council is required to be provided to NSW Ministry of Health.

2017/18 -  8 Improvement Notices were issued on public swimming pools.

NSW Food Authority

Council is part of the NSW Food Regulation Partnership which with other local government areas and the NSW Food Authority work together towards safer food.  Council’s Environmental Health Officers are part of the Illawarra Regional Food Surveillance Group.

Under the NSW Food Regulation Partnership mandatory reporting by Council is required. The following statistics were provided for 2017/18 financial year.

Food Businesses


High risk Fixed Food Premises


Medium risk Fixed Food Premises


Low risk Fixed Food Premises




Temporary Food Premises


Mobile Food Premises



Number of Primary (1st) Inspections


Scores on Doors

Businesses rated as 5 stars (Scores on Doors)


Businesses rated as 4 stars (Scores on Doors)


Businesses rated as 3 stars (Scores on Doors)


Businesses rated as 0 stars (Scores on Doors)



Number of Warnings issued


Improvement Notices


Penalty Notices issued




Prohibition Orders served




Various Schools 

Several primary schools benefited from Council staff delivering modules on sustainability, planning and environmental management. Examples include:

  • Mentoring students weekly from Vincentia High School.
  • Tree planting with St Georges Basin Primary.
  • Threatened Species Day competition for all Shoalhaven primary schools

Environmental Services also ran educational sessions for students from Trinity Grammar at their new field station in Woollamia.  The students learnt about water quality, threatened species and endangered ecological communities.

Threatened Species Day Competition 

Council ran its annual Threatened Species Day Competition with primary schools across the City.  The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the plight of threatened species.  Over $600 worth of prizes go to local schools as part of this educational initiative. The artwork was displayed in Councils foyer for the month of September to promote community awareness.

Managing Environmental Change through Planning for Transformative Pathways

In partnership with Griffith University and Wollongong University, Council supported a series of workshops with members of Council’s Natural Resource and Floodplain Management Committee and Sustainable Futures Committee, Councilors and Council staff.

National Tree Day 

Council staff organized tree plantings with a local primary school on a Council reserve.

Coastal, Estuary and Floodplain Management Programs 

These programs are collaborative partnerships with the State Government, particularly the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).  These programs are guided by Council’s Natural Resources and Floodplain Management Committee.  The committee provides advice to Council in relation to the management of estuaries, natural areas floodplain and coast.  The committee comprises community representatives, Council’s representatives and representatives from the following state agencies:  NSW Department of Planning &Environment, OEH, NPWS, SES, Department of Lands and Local Land Services.

South Coast Cooperative Libraries  

The South Coast Cooperative Libraries is a co-operative comprising the two local government areas of Shoalhaven and Kiama.

Kiama outsource most of the purchasing, cataloguing and processing of their book and non-book materials to Shoalhaven.

The primary role of the Cooperative Libraries is to set budget estimates for the partner book and non-book resources, develop mutually beneficial partnerships and to apply for joint grants where appropriate

Waste Services

Waste Services participated in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation (ISJO) Waste Management Group