Senior Staff Remuneration Package

Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 – Section 217 Clause 1 (b) and (c)

Shoalhaven City Council is a multi-purpose Council administering traditional local government activities as well as other major activities such as the provision of water and sewerage services, tourism and industrial development.

The total assets of the City is around $2.7 billion which would place the City, in asset value terms, among the top 10 percent of organisations within Australia.

Council’s expenditure (including depreciation) is over $200 million dollars per annum which includes a number of commercial activities together with the range of activities indicated earlier.

Council employs over 900 staff on a full time equivalent basis including casual/temporary/fixed term staff as required.

Council administers approximately 99 Acts of Parliament and associated regulations and needs professional staff that have a wide-ranging appreciation of the legal requirements associated with a complex government instrumentality.

Council’s activities link strongly to other Government agencies, particularly at the State level, which requires sensitive handling where State Government changes the political emphasis from time to time.

The total amount of money payable for salary, fringe benefits, vehicle and other on-costs for Council’s senior staff, including the General Manager and four Group Directors, in 2017/18 is summarised as follows:

  • General Manager - $340,780 pa
  • Combined Directors - $1,104,380 pa